Luna & Rose, a jewelry and accessories brand based in Bali, embodies a fusion of sustainability, ethical production, and personal connection.

The brand’s story is as captivating as its products, starting with its founder, Rosie Shelton. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Rosie’s journey into the world of fashion design led her to establish Luna & Rose during a trip to Australia, inspired by the slow lifestyle and the people she encountered there.

Rosie’s background in fashion design and her experiences working in the industry greatly influenced her approach to Luna & Rose. After studying fashion design in Wellington and gaining industry experience in Melbourne, she became acutely aware of the wastefulness and disconnection prevalent in mass-produced fashion.

This realization drove her to create a brand with a transparent supply chain and a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Luna & Rose: Shop in Bali

Luna & Rose’s products are designed in Melbourne and New Zealand and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Bali. The brand’s commitment to ethical production and sustainability is evident in their choice of materials and production methods.

They use 99% recycled sterling silver, sourced from old electronics and jewelry from Indonesia and Thailand, and they have plans to launch a collection made from 100% recycled gold sourced in New Zealand. Their clothing is dyed using organic dyes derived from various plant leaves, ensuring that the process is chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Additionally, Luna & Rose donates 1% of all online sales to environmental charities.

Luna & Rose: Jewelry Shop in Bali

The brand’s relationship with its Balinese craftsmen is a cornerstone of its operations. They work closely with family businesses in Bali, ensuring that all employees are paid more than the minimum wage and work in safe, ethical conditions.

This close relationship extends to knowing the individual stories of their manufacturers, like Nano who makes the sandals and Putu and his husband who take care of the Travelling Tref wallets.

Moreover, Luna & Rose’s approach to production is circular and sustainable. They operate on a small-scale and closed-loop production model to ensure quality control and worker benefits. Their unique ‘Golden Giveback Project’ encourages customers to return old jewelry in exchange for a voucher, promoting recycling and reducing waste.

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Every Luna & Rose piece is designed by Rosie and made by Balinese silversmiths and a local Kiwi goldsmith, adding a unique artisanal touch to each item.

In March 2020, Luna & Rose opened its first retail store in Canggu, Bali. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the brand has continued to grow, thanks to a strong team based on the island and a focus on online sales. Luna & Rose’s future plans include expanding their apparel offerings and exploring new sustainable production methods.

Luna & Rose: Shop in Canggu

Luna & Rose stands out in the crowded fashion market through its unique approach to sustainability, ethical production, and personal connection with both its manufacturers and customers. The brand’s story, driven by Rosie’s vision and values, serves as an inspiring example of how fashion can be both beautiful and conscientious.

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