Broken Beach is a stunning non-beach beach featuring a picturesque natural arch that frames the turquoise waters below. This secluded spot is renowned for its dramatic views and the unique circular cove formed by the arch.

In the arms of Nusa’s rugged edge, Broken Beach whispers secrets of the deep. A stone arch, elegantly carved by time, frames the turquoise dance, a liquid rhyme. Waves chant in hushed tones beneath the sun, as shadows play, the day’s work done. Exotic whispers through sea-salted air, Broken Beach, a jewel, exceedingly rare.

Known locally as Pasih Uug, is a stunning coastal formation on the island of Nusa Penida, southeast of Bali. This natural archway and cove offers breathtaking views and is a must-visit for travelers seeking to explore the beauty of Indonesian landscapes.

Broken Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

In the embrace of Nusa Penida lies Broken Beach, a masterpiece sculpted by the deft hands of nature. Here, the ocean whispers secrets through a majestic arch, carved eons ago by the relentless caress of waves. The sun dances across the azure waters, casting golden hues that flicker like a painter’s brush on a canvas of tranquility. Cliffs, rugged and proud, stand sentinel around the cove, their faces etched with tales of time.

In this secluded haven, the breeze carries a symphony of crashing waves and rustling leaves, composing an ode to the unbridled beauty of the earth. Broken Beach, a poetic ode to nature’s artistry, remains a testament to the enduring romance between land and sea.

Guide to Broken Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

Getting There

    From Bali: Take a fast boat from Sanur or Padangbai to Nusa Penida. The journey takes about 30-45 minutes.

    On Nusa Penida: Rent a scooter or hire a private driver. The roads can be challenging, so hiring a driver is recommended for those not comfortable with rough terrain.

Best Time to Visit

    Season: Visit during the dry season (April to October) for the best weather but busiest crowds. But it’s open all year long and with less crowds during off seasons.

    Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds (as well as the heat) and capture the best light for photography.

Drone view of Broken Beach in Bali

What to Expect

    The Arch: The natural rock arch is the highlight, offering a unique window to the ocean beyond.

    The Cove: A serene, secluded cove that’s perfect for relaxing and taking in the views. However, swimming is not advised due to strong currents.

    Wildlife: Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including monkeys and various bird species.


    Photography: An ideal spot for capturing stunning landscape photos.

    Exploration: Walk around the area to explore different viewpoints. Every angle is a visual delight due to the unique nature of this structure.

    Nearby Attractions: Visit Angel’s Billabong and Kelingking Beach, both nearby and equally breathtaking but actually swimmable.

Review of Broken Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

Broken Beach Review

Three backpackers, Leo, Mira, and Sven, had set their sights on the elusive beauty of Broken Beach on Nusa Penida. Long tales of its natural arch and hidden coves had floated through their conversations in hostels and cafes, inspiring them to venture onto the lesser-trodden paths.

As the early morning sun cast a golden glow over the sea, they rode their rented scooters down the rugged path that led to the coast, their backpacks snug against them, filled with excitement and a shared eagerness to witness nature’s artwork.

Arriving at the cliff’s edge, the trio was greeted by the sight of the immense arch stretching over the swirling waters, encapsulating the raw power and serenity of the island. They spent the morning exploring every angle, capturing photos and laughing as the ocean spray misted their faces. Mira, with her keen eye for wildlife, spotted a pair of dolphins playing in the distance, their arcs mirroring the stone’s curvature.

The moment felt suspended in time, each wave crashing against the hollow cave below echoing the heartbeat of the earth.

As the day waned, they found themselves sitting atop a nearby outcrop, watching the sky paint itself with streaks of orange and purple at sunset. Leo pulled out his guitar, strumming softly, while Sven sketched the panoramic view in his journal. They shared stories of their travels, the people they’d met, and the dreams that spurred them from one destination to the next.

Broken Beach wasn’t just a stop on their journey; it was a testament to their friendship, forged and solidified in the embrace of nature’s splendor.

Broken Beach in Bali

Local Tips

    Footwear: Wear sturdy shoes as the terrain can be uneven. Even though it’s a “beach”, barefoot is highly not recommended.

    Sun Protection: Bring sunscreen, a hat, and water, as the area offers little shade.

    Respect Nature: Stay on designated paths and avoid disturbing the natural environment.

Where to Eat

   Local warungs (small eateries) near the parking area offer traditional Indonesian dishes, refreshing coconut water, and snacks. Also some stalls for snacks and drinks.


    Stay on Nusa Penida for a few days to fully explore. Accommodations range from guesthouses to more upscale resorts. Book in advance during peak season.

Cultural Etiquette

    Respect the local culture and traditions. Dress modestly and behave appropriately, especially in rural areas.

Review of Broken Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

Broken Beach is a testament to the raw beauty of Indonesia’s natural landscapes. Its unique geological formation, coupled with the serene ambiance, makes it an unforgettable destination for any Bali itinerary. Remember to travel responsibly, respecting both nature and the local community, and be careful, this is not your ordinary beach!


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