Unraveling the legend, notoriety and importance of the Canggu Shortcut. A godsend and nightmare of a road that’s as beautiful as it is ugly.

Living as an expat in Bali, one quickly learns about the unique quirks and hidden gems of the island. One such intriguing feature is the Canggu Shortcut – a narrow, winding road that connects the popular areas of Berawa and Batu Bolong.

In this guide, we delve into the history, purpose, and necessity of the Canggu Shortcut, aiming to provide you with comprehensive information that will make your experience on this famous shortcut as smooth as possible.

* This page has been revised on December 8 of 2023 to reflect the significant progress the Shortcut has undergone this year. Scroll down for the updates. We’ll revise this page again after any changes in 2024.

The Canggu Shortcut Long Ago

Canggu Shortcut Origin

Canggu was primarily an agricultural area known for its lush rice fields. With the rise in tourism and expat communities in recent years, the need for more accessible and efficient transportation routes grew significantly. The Canggu Shortcut emerged as a solution to this problem, providing a quicker route between Berawa and Batu Bolong, two of the most frequented areas in Canggu, or Canggu to Seminyak.

Canggu Shortcut Map

Where the Shortcut Takes You

The Canggu Shortcut is a roughly 2-kilometer stretch of road that bypasses the often congested Jalan Pantai Berawa and Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong. This small yet vital road takes you through scenic rice fields and local neighborhoods, offering a glimpse into the more traditional side of Bali. The Shortcut connects Jalan Raya Semat in the Berawa area to Jalan Batu Mejan in the Batu Bolong area, allowing travelers to bypass traffic in Canggu’s busier areas.

Canggu Shortcut Review at Sunset

Why the Canggu Shortcut Exists

Canggu has evolved into a hotspot for digital nomads, surfers, and expats who are drawn to its laid-back atmosphere, trendy cafes, and picturesque beaches. As a result, traffic congestion has become a significant issue in the area, especially during peak hours.

The Canggu Shortcut was developed to alleviate some of this traffic and provide a more efficient route between Berawa and Batu Bolong, enabling locals and visitors to save time while traveling between these two popular destinations.

As a tourist just driving through once, regardless of how congested it may be, is quite an experience few roads in the world can compare to. But to locals and residents who have to take this so called “shortcut” frequently, the charm is long gone – but still a necessity.

The fact of the matter is, due to how this part of Bali is laid out and how the government works, we won’t be seeing any major new roads for these paths in our lifetimes. Thus, the Canggu Short is important.

Traffic on the Canggu Shortcut

The Importance of the Canggu Shortcut

The Canggu Shortcut has become an essential part of the local transportation network in recent years. With the rapid growth of tourism and expat communities in Canggu, the need for an alternative route became increasingly apparent. The Shortcut offers several benefits, including:

Time-saving: The Shortcut allows travelers to bypass congested roads, significantly reducing travel time between Berawa and Batu Bolong.

Scenic beauty: The Shortcut provides a peaceful escape from the bustling streets of Canggu, allowing travelers to enjoy the tranquility of Bali’s famous rice fields and local neighborhoods.

Convenience: With many popular cafes, restaurants, and beaches situated in Berawa and Batu Bolong, the Shortcut enables locals and visitors to move between these areas with ease.

Canggu Shortcut accident

The Darker Side of the Canggu Shortcut

Despite its beauty and charm, the Canggu Shortcut is not without its hazards. The combination of the narrow road, potholes galore, crazy / inexperienced drivers and the high volume of traffic has resulted in numerous accidents and, unfortunately, several fatalities.

The Canggu Shortcut has been the site of many accidents, ranging from minor scrapes and collisions to more severe incidents involving injuries, and of course countless motorbikes and cars falling off the road, often with the driver and passengers still attached.

The Canggu Shortcut’s limited width can make it difficult for larger vehicles to pass through, leading to collisions with other vehicles or objects on the side of the road.

While rare (although not rare enough), there have been several tragic incidents involving fatalities on the Canggu Shortcut. These tragic events serve as a sobering reminder of the dangers that can be present on this seemingly idyllic route.

Dog peeing on the Canggu Pole on the Canggu Shortcut in Bali

The Canggu Pole

In addition to its scenic beauty and practicality, the Canggu Shortcut is also known for a peculiar and somewhat notorious feature – the “Canggu Pole.” This seemingly innocuous traffic pole has become an iconic landmark for those who frequently traverse the shortcut.

The “Canggu Pole” was a traffic pole situated near the middle of the Canggu Shortcut. It stood in the center of the road, splitting the narrow path into even narrower lanes for vehicles to pass through. This unassuming pole has garnered a reputation for causing confusion and challenges among drivers, particularly during busy hours when traffic is at its peak.

It was intended to stop cars and trucks to enter the shortcut as these full sized vehicles were the causes of most accidents and further clogging up the traffic to a standstill. Due to the extremely narrow and uneven roads.

The Canggu Pole has become a local cultural icon and talking point among the Canggu community. Its notoriety has led to humorous anecdotes and conversations among locals and expats, mostly due to the fact it didn’t work and it was even stolen. As of this writing, the pole has been long gone.

Broken road in Bali, the Canggu Shortcut

Shortcut Improvements and Developments

Like any road, particularly heavy traffic ones, the Canggu Shortcut has gone through a few improvements and fixes as needed from wear and tear. But as not an official government road, it hasn’t quite been done properly or with enough funding. As such the condition of the road is always subpar as most work is merely patch jobs that rarely last.

In the years leading to the Corona pandemic, the shortcut’s condition worsened more than ever to the point that more than half of the road was “off-road”. But the community came together and crowdfunded money to revamp the road – just after the height of the pandemic no less.

Another improvement made at the same time was the complete removal of illegal billboard ads that once littered the otherwise beautiful and immaculate rice fields along both sides of the shortcut.

Canggu Shortcut’s Transformation in 2023

In 2023, this bustling pathway has seen significant developments, marking a pivotal chapter in its story. Let’s explore these changes that are not just reshaping roads but also the lives of locals and tourists alike.

A New Path Forward

The year kicked off with an exciting announcement: the construction of a new shortcut. Stretching 334 meters and expanding to a width of 8 meters, this new road includes pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Project leaders Gusti Ngurah Danu and Ketut Antara have expressed optimism about the quick completion of this much-needed addition. It’s not just a road; it’s a beacon of hope for smoother travels in Canggu.

Land and Plans: The Acquisition Puzzle

The blueprint for the Canggu Shortcut’s transformation includes a crucial phase of land acquisition. As we delve into 2023, the focus has been on acquiring land to support road improvement initiatives. While the challenges of navigating governmental jurisdictions remain, the progress in this area is a testament to Bali’s commitment to improving its infrastructure.

A Bold Move: Cars Bid Adieu

In a striking yet necessary decision, the local government put a stop to cars traversing the Canggu Shortcut. This move came in response to the dire traffic woes and alarming safety concerns shadowing this route. This shortcut, which has witnessed its share of tragedies, including tourist fatalities, is now taking a step towards safety and sanity. It’s a decision that speaks volumes about prioritizing well-being over convenience.

Financing the Future: The Budget Breakdown

Underpinning these changes is a significant financial investment. The Badung Public Works and Public Housing Office secured a whopping IDR 60 billion (about USD 3.8 million) to not just widen the Canggu Shortcut but also enhance the surrounding road network. This financial boost is aimed at procuring around 4,000 square meters of land, marking a substantial stride in reshaping the region’s roadways.

As we navigate through 2023, these developments at the Canggu Shortcut are not just about altering asphalt and expanding lanes. They symbolize a deeper commitment to enhancing the quality of life and safety for both the Balinese community and its welcomed guests from around the world. The road ahead looks promising, and as residents and visitors of this beautiful island, we eagerly anticipate the smoother journeys and safer travels that these changes promise.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates for 2024 as we continue to follow the transformation of Canggu’s lifeline!

Bali's Canggu Shortcut Billboard ads

The Canggu Shortcut has become an integral part of the Canggu experience, offering a convenient and efficient route between two of the area’s most popular destinations. As an American expat living in Bali, I can attest to the importance of this small yet vital road.

So the next time you find yourself in Canggu, hop on your scooter or bicycle, and take the Shortcut to discover the hidden beauty of this iconic Balinese landmark.


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