The Plantation Grill in Seminyak, Bali, is a highly acclaimed restaurant known for its exquisite atmosphere and culinary offerings. This is a review…

Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 878 reviews, it stands as a top dining destination in Seminyak, ranked #46 of 384 restaurants in the area. It has also earned the Travelers’ Choice award for 2023.

Once upon a balmy evening in Seminyak, Bali, a group of five friends, each hailing from a different corner of the world, converged for a long-awaited reunion at The Plantation Grill. The air was filled with excitement and the scent of the ocean as they embraced, reuniting after years spent apart.

The Plantation Grill  Seminyak Review | Bali Kit

As they entered the restaurant, they were struck by the elegant ambiance – a blend of colonial charm and modern sophistication. The dimly lit room, accentuated by the soft glow of candles, set the stage for a night of reminiscence and gastronomic delight.

Sofia, from Italy, marveled at the live jazz music filling the room, a saxophonist playing tunes that reminded her of the streets of Rome. Carlos, hailing from Mexico, was captivated by the opulent décor, reminiscent of the grandeur of old European dining halls.

Dinner at The Plantation Grill in Seminyak Review | Bali Kit

They were seated by Nigel, the maitre’d, whose charm and wit instantly made them feel at home. His recommendations were impeccable, guiding them through the menu with a flair that only added to their excitement.

As they perused the menu, each found dishes that spoke to their tastes and memories. Li, from China, chose the Oysters Rockefeller, intrigued by this fusion of East and West. Aisha, from Kenya, opted for the duck croquette, her eyes lighting up at the first bite.

Seafood and wine at The Plantation Grill  Seminyak Review | Bali Kit

John, an American, couldn’t resist the steak tartare, while Sofia was delighted by the calamari, a reminder of the Mediterranean Sea. Carlos, with a penchant for adventure, went for the Caesar salad, a classic with a Balinese twist.

Their conversations flowed as smoothly as the wine, each sharing stories of their lives and travels, the laughter mingling with the soft jazz in the background. The atmosphere was electric, each course bringing a new wave of delight. The steaks, cooked to perfection, the shrimp starter that John declared ‘scrumptious’, and the chocolate cake that made Sofia wish she had ordered it too.

Steak and wine at The Plantation Grill in Seminyak Review | Bali Kit

As the night wore on, an opera singer took to the stage, her voice soaring through the restaurant, adding a layer of magic to the evening. Aisha, with a love for opera, was moved by the performance, especially when the singer delivered a flawless rendition of Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro”.

The night was not just about the food, but the experience – the blend of exquisite dishes, enchanting music, and impeccable service. They lingered over dessert, not wanting the evening to end, savoring the Pavlova and the camaraderie that had only grown stronger.

Dessert at The Plantation Grill  Seminyak Review | Bali Kit

As they left The Plantation Grill, they promised to meet again, in another corner of the world, to recreate the magic of that night in Bali. But they knew, deep down, that this particular evening at The Plantation Grill would always hold a special place in their hearts – a night of reunion, of laughter, and of culinary wonder.

The restaurant specializes in steakhouse, seafood, European, and grill cuisines, offering an array of dishes such as Oysters Rockefeller, duck croquette, steak tartare, calamari, and Caesar salad. Additionally, they cater to special dietary needs with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.

Not only does The Plantation Grill impress with its food, but it also stands out for its stunning decor and ambiance. Guests are often greeted by live music, including jazz saxophonists and opera singers, which adds to the sophisticated dining experience. The service is frequently described as outstanding, with staff like Nigel, the maitre’d, often receiving special mention for their professionalism and charm.

In terms of pricing, while it is considered on the higher end, customers generally find the experience to be well worth the cost, making it a recommended spot for a fun and romantic evening out.

The Plantation Grill Restaurant Seminyak Review | Bali Kit

The restaurant, known for its meticulous attention to detail, has made a strong recovery post-Covid, with improvements in service and food quality. This turnaround is evidenced by glowing reviews from repeat visitors who note the polished service, immaculately prepared food, and a delightful range of entertainment options.

Overall, The Plantation Grill offers an incredible dining experience with its delicious food, exceptional service, beautiful ambiance, and engaging live entertainment, making it a must-visit destination in Bali.


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